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Polygraph examinations

Dr.iur. Uldis Mikelsons

People lie quite often. Moreover they usually do it in crucial situations when it influence also other people's interests, including in the field of security, politics, business and everyday life.
Because of it, the possibility to determine if persons tell truthfuly or lie is very important in various situations.

This web site is provided with aim to go through these questions both in easy manner for everyone who are interested on this theme and also to explore some juridical, psychological and psycho-physiological aspects in more particularize way, with aim to suggest discussions with specialists.

Unfortunately we have not translated all articles in English. If you want to know more on this subject, don't hesitate to send us e-mail for getting additional information.
Polygraph examinations in criminal cases, civil cases and in private field are carried out in Latvia since 1998. The results of this kind of forensic examinations there are used as evidences in courts of Latvia, including in the Supreme court of the Republic of Latvia.

The object of polygraph examination is to determine whether examinee is lying or telling truth on certain action or situation, possibly related with the person. Victims, witnesses or suspects in criminal cases, or participants or witnesses in civil action may be subjects of polygraph examination.

Moreover, with polygraph it is possible to determine whether examinee have some specific information which is related with certain activity or situation. For example, certain knowledge about amount of stolen money and circumstances of the theft, or about the place where a dead body or weapon of crime is hidden, etc.

Polygraph examination may be carried out only with consent of the examinee.

Certified, high qualified specialist carries out these examinations in Latvia, using standard equipment and generally acknowledged, scientific based, practical approbated methodology in these examinations, considering legal regulation and code of ethics

There in Latvia polygraph examinations are sometimes integrated with psychological-diagnostic examinations of the examinee.


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